C-024 10.5CM leFH UPGRADE for TAMIYA WESPE (US$33.75)

10.5cm leFH Gun Upgrade for Tamiya Wespe
1:35 scale model kit with 22 resin parts to upgrade the 10.5cm gun of Tamiya Wespe. 
Kit include a one piece cast cradle, one piece cast breech block, barrel, muzzle brake, equilibrator and front recuperator mount.
Below is an overall view of the finished gun attach to Tamiya Saddle .

One piece cast cradle with true thin wall (not bevel at rear)

Detail shots of the finished cradle, all details are accurately reproduced (from left to right/up to bottom):
Highly detail cradle front end, Recuperator rear end detail, Adjusting rod inside cradle, Cradle rear and travel lock mount,  Recoil return scale with the correct curve detail at rear.

Breech block is cast in one piece with inside/outside details faithfully reproduced

A highly detail Equilibrator and its mount with pointer
Close-up of the Breech block 
Close-up of the Cradle front, Recuperator and its mount
The muzzle brake is also seamlessly cast in one piece with 2 separate locking ring