C-023 DRIVING COMPARTMENT FOR 10.5CM / 7.5cm (SF) 39H (US$44.95)

Driving Compartment for Bronco and Trumpeter (US$44.95)
1:35 scale model kit with 58 resin parts to replace the driving compartment of Bronco/Trumpeter's 10.5cm / 7.5cm(SF) 39H
Include a highly detailed transmission/brake drums, driver's seat, fire wall, air filter, fire extinguisher, driver's seat.... etc
Note: bronco kit is used except the last photo, hull front and side armour are cut for a clearer view

The transmission is faithfully reproduced with 19 highly detailed resin parts.
Include the brake drums with perforated cover at right, a detail switchboard, various control rods...etc.
The battery is also included with a one piece cast frame, lift handles & mounting bolts.
(note: conduit not included)
With Battery attached
Upgraded Fire Wall and Air Filter
The driver's seat is made to look exactly the same as the real one with 8 intricate cast resin parts
A Fire Extinguisher is included, it has a detail 3 parts frame, a jig is included to aid assembly
Bronco kit with the upgrade driving compartment (battery not attached)