2cm Flak38 Upgrade for Dragon

Right side view of the finish gun. The right photo shows the gun without the shields to review more detail 

Overall left side view 

Main Gun
The 2cm gun with cradle attached. The main body and the barrel is casted in one piece.

Gun Cradle
Cradle with side ring attached. The gun will insert into the 2 small hooks at rear and lock by pin in front, as the real gun.

Rotary Ring Base
A new Ring Base is included with more precise details and positions for seat mounting brackets

Foot Pedal Control
The Foot Pedal Control system is faithfully reproduced with 9 resiin parts

Traverse System

Flakviser 38/40 Gun Sight
An overall view of the Flakviser 38/40 gun sight assembly which is constructed with 13 finely casted resin parts

The Control box, Connect Arm and Sight Mount.
The top cover of the control box, if viewed carefully, is not a flat. Its a very subtle multi angled panel.
The Sight Head actually attach to the 2 small hooks of the mount, similar to  the real thing

Extremely detail Sight Head with round cover lid, one piece casting
The left photo showing the clear resin glass and scope mount attached

Gun Shields

Comparison with kit parts